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Posted by on Mar 23, 2015


Cats are lovely, there is no denying that. Everybody loves them, they are cuddly, sweet and cute. five percent of all images on the Internet contain cats, so what more do you need? There are many sorts of cats and when choosing the right one for you it is good to know what you are getting. We will help you pick by showcasing you some of the more popular, friendly breeds and getting more info about them.

Exotic Shorthair exoticshorthair- this cat breed is perfect for people that like affectionate and loyal cats. They will cuddle for hours and won’t ever leave your side. They will sleep with you and keep you company whatever you do. Exotic Shorthair cats can develop a deep relationship with their owners and get very attached to them. If you like the cat following you around always being there to pet and cuddle, than this one is perfect for you. If you are out of the house all the time, you might reconsider, though.

Abyssinian aybesian- on the other hand, if you are looking for an active and playful cat that can work great with anyone, look no more. Abyssinian cats are very intelligent and they require a lot of exercise and playing. They will do great with any family member just like they will with complete strangers, only condition is that you keep them entertained. Abyssinians are great for numerous families, especially the ones with children that can find a long time play buddy with this cat. Since they don’t choose who to play with, they are great for families since there is always someone to play with them.

Persian persian- furry balls you simply love. Adorable hairy cats that do little but cause a lot of heart melting wherever they are. Persians aren’t used to doing much, they will spend their days laying and sleeping, looking at you with their cute eyes. They like petting more than anything so if you like a cat that will always be there when you need to pet it, that’s the fur ball you are looking for. They love company, even though they do not interact much, they just love being in the group, observing and getting attention. They are hard to maintain, since their hair needs to be brushed regularly and they shed a lot.

Russian Bluerussiannbsad – lovely cat easily recognized by their grayish fur that gave them the name Russian Blue. These cats are very intelligent and they show it. They are not easy on actions and affection, they take time to get to know you or the situation before they can get comfortable and feel secure. Once you gain their trust, you have a friend for life. Russian Blue will follow you wherever you go and join in everything you are doing, sleeping included. If you like a cat with the character, this one will be great for you since her behavior depends on your actions a lot.

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